Whether you need to hone your public speaking and media skills, come up with a campaign strategy, find your voice, craft effective materials, or make your case to the powers-that-be, we’ll help you get the job done and bring home the win.

We know it’s a challenge to spend precious resources from grants and donations on consultants. That’s why we tailor our support to meet your needs and your budget – and make sure you get the biggest impact for your efforts.

Getting results takes hard work and skill. Story | Mitchell can help you achieve those results.

Campaigns Strategy and Support

Successful campaigns win because they do a number of things right: they use resources wisely, they build power, and they start with strategies that fit the context. With the insights we have gained from our decades of campaign experience we can help you plot a course that gets you to your goal.

At Story | Mitchell we love collaborating and conspiring with our clients to develop winning strategies. We work closely with your team to develop game plans, because the strategy doesn’t work unless it works for you. Together with our team of preferred vendors and partners we can provide a full suite of campaign services including fundraising, digital, design, and public opinion research.

We can also support your ongoing campaigns in a variety of ways. Our experienced team will work with you to clarify your goals, and bring expert advice and rigour to the execution. Whether your goal is political change, policy making, awareness raising, or growing your organization, we can help make sure your campaign is a winner.

We can provide:

  • Campaign plans
  • Environmental scan and analysis
  • Public opinion research
  • Communication plans
  • Content strategy
  • Media relations strategy
  • Facilitation for strategic planning and goal-setting
  • Organizational development and planning
  • And much more…


Strategic Communications and Content Development

With the twenty four news cycle and the proliferation of social media platforms, getting your voice heard above the din is a challenge no matter how important the issue. That’s why quality content, and the right plan to share it, can make or break your efforts.

We’re not just communicators and strategists, we’re policy nerds at heart. We know it’s important to get the details right. We work with our clients to research and create content that maximizes your reach and impact, whether it’s for an issue campaign, member engagement initiative, or advocacy effort. From briefing notes and policy manuals, to tweets and blog posts, and everything in between, we can help you create effective content.

We can provide:

  • Key messages
  • Message guides
  • Policy research
  • Speechwriting and speech preparation
  • Report writing and editing
  • Digital content and templates
  • Document editing


Training and Coaching

We believe in building strong, progressive movements in Canada. That means helping organizations and campaigns build capacity and sharpen their skills. We develop and deliver customized training on a range of subject areas, including communications, organizing, public engagement, campaign planning, government relations, and much more. Let us know how we can meet your training needs.

Our expertise lies in training leaders to deliver strong messages. Whether you’re speaking at the podium, in the boardroom, or lobbying a politician, we can help you polish your pitch and fine-tune your delivery. In every case, it’s about strategy, preparation, practice, and a compelling story.

Sometimes our clients want help getting the media to pay attention. Other times they need  some expertise with managing a difficult situation. Whatever your context, our media relations experience can help you make the most of every interaction with the media. With our customized small group or individualized media training, delivered by our experienced team, we will make sure you’re ready before you go to the microphone or step in front of a camera.

We can provide:

  • Messaging 101
  • Workshop development
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops and coaching
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Media relations support
  • Media training
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Issues management consulting
  • And much more…


Facilitation and Public Engagement

The Story | Mitchell team are skilled facilitators with years of experience working in political, public sector, and non-profit sector organizations. We can design and deliver engagement opportunities that build your organization and engage your stakeholders. Our expertise in engaging communities of interest around challenging or complex issues can be tapped to help you ensure your next internal or public consultation is effective and insightful.

We can provide:

  • Workshop design and planning
  • Organizational strategic planning and goal-setting
  • Staff or member engagement sessions
  • Community engagement strategy
  • Public consultation planning and delivery
  • Public information content development
  • And much more…


Government relations

Our decades of experience working with politicians can be harnessed to help you engage with government decision-makers at all levels. From lining up the right meetings to crafting the most effective messages, we can help make your interactions with key decision-makers a success.

We can provide:

  • Government relations strategy
  • Meeting preparation
  • Presentation development support
  • Spokesperson training
  • Relationship management and monitoring
  • Environmental scan and context setting
  • Research and policy insight


In addition to the suite of service listed above, we also work with preferred vendors and partners to provide:

Public opinion research | graphic design and publications | web site development and design | list management and digital engagement tools.